tumblr_inline_mt2d7jAcc01qz4rgpI am compiling the ideal setup for my tank. I will likely update this as I figure out more items. Pictured to the right is a similar sized tank.

Tank – 48x24x24 rimless low iron and tempered with all holes pre-drilled. The aquarium will be a Lifetime Aquarium

SumpSeamLess sump also from Custom Aquariums. I would like a 4 sock filter tub, a baffle tub and 2 reservoir tubs, one for refugium and one for evaporation. All with circulation lines.

Drain – Two H2Overflow configured in the corners. I have not decided if I want concealment towers. I like the idea so I don’t have plumbing behind the aquarium. (2 is probably unnecessary)

Return – Two Siphon Stoppers. These seem to be the safest option for preventing flooding when problems happen.

Stand – Custom Majestic Stand with more room below for a large sump and a side door. I would also like to hide a large ATO and continuous water exchange system.

Bio Media – Seamless Sump Ceramic balls. I’ve read a lot of info and this is what I want to start with. I’m a fan of simplicity, and this is simple.

Purigen – Seachem Purigen seams like a great way to keep your tank clean. I don’t want to use it constantly, just when needed. I’m going for natural bio balance first and supplementing when needed. I’m also terrified of “recharging” it.

Protein Skimmer – I don’t know yet. I only know I want it to fit in the 4 sock seamless sump filter tub. I do not want an external skimmer. If I end up with an external skimmer I will also go with a single sock or dual sock filter tub. Eshopps is likely unless I find a reason to use another brand.

Pumps – Don’t know yet. Will probably go with what is recommended for the seamless sump. I think they use Aqueon and Eheim by default.

Lighting – 2 RapidLed Onyx units. These appear to be excellent lights for a reasonable value. Will likely need 2 of them.

Tank ControllerApex from Neptune Systems. I am big on including a lot of technology in this tank. Will probably need multiple energy bars.

Monitoring – PH, ORP and Salinity are all part of the base Apex system. Additional units will be purchased if necessary. I am not sure about Dissolved Oxygen monitor.

Power HeadsWAV Starter kit from Neptune Systems. These are fully programmable. I don’t see any advantage over the VorTech models and they cost quite a bit more.

Continuous Water Exchange – DOS from neptune systems. Also good for other dosing needs.

Light & Pump ControlVDM from Neptune Systems. This is the module to dim the RapidLed Onyx I think. I’m not sure it is needed as I think some of these ports are in the Apex base unit. The same unit should be able to control variable pumps.

Light MonitoringPMK from Neptune Systems. This will allow me to fine tune the lighting on my tank. Very cool.

Leak DetectionALD from Neptune Systems. Not sure how I feel about this. Being notified of a leak sounds good. Most likely, if this is happening, hell has already broken loose.

Automatic FeederAFS from neptune systems. This is primarily because I have to go on trips for a week or two at a time.

ATO – My guess is this will be connected to my tank controller. But I haven’t figured it out yet. May use neptune water sensors and a linked pump.

RO/DI – Don’t know the exact system yet, but the intent is to hook it up to provide a constant supply of RO/DI to a large reservoir for use with the ATO and water exchange system.

Reactors – I really don’t know yet. I imagine some calcium reactor will be desired, but this will depend on my tank needs.

Wow that’s a lot of stuff. The thing that bothers me is the majority of this equipment is what I need/want for any tank. The only cost control I have is the size of the tank. Or don’t do all the digital monitoring/controls. That just hurts the geek in me. Plus, putting all that in a small tank just feels silly.