Seriously, I just saw Frozen for the first time. I was shocked. Shocked I say.

No, not because it was girl power themed

The girl power in the story is awesome. Like seriously. I love it. If you haven’t seen it, I’m going to try not to spoil anything about it. But, there is a seriously awesome female character. That’s not the shocking part.

What’s the shocking part?

Frozen had an inordinate amount of marketing, hype, advertising and other generally annoying propaganda all over the place. In fact, it’s probably the reason I didn’t bother to go see it earlier. Every little girl was Elsa for halloween. And the Let it go song was all over the pulse. Here’s the thing: Throughout all that, I didn’t know there was another character named Anna. Yep, that’s the awesome one.

You didn’t know about Anna?

Seriously. No clue. I knew more about Olaf the snow man before seeing the movie than I did about Anna. Anna, is the main character of the story. Yet, somehow, all the marketing and propaganda that made it into my world didn’t include Anna OR I missed it. That was shocking to me and a bit disturbing.

Why didn’t every little girl dress as Anna?

Anna was adorable, strong, brilliant, goofy, lovable and easy to relate to. What’s the obsession with her older sister? Elsa was sparkly, grumpy and shoots ice. How is this even a competition?

Blame society.

All these years I’ve heard about Disney’s male centric stories with weak women. Now we get the opposite of that and we are still focused on the pretty princess. I don’t think I can ever blame Disney again for those kinds of stories. They make what sells. In this case, they made what sells entirely accidentally while trying to make the right thing.

On the plus side, Anna was the love interest. At least in the story, the men were obsessed with the right girl. Kudos to Disney.

Ok, ok, so what happened next?

Other than that realization, my son loved it. He was entirely focused on the movie until he fell asleep. It was amazing. This and Jeopardy are the things he loves watching. Good taste.

What do you think?

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